"A Place of Rescue" and "A Journey to Peace."

Scatter Joy Acres

Scatter Joy Acres  is a 26-acre urban Rescue/Animal Therapy ranch in Omaha, NE. 
 We take in abused, neglected and abandoned animals. Those we that don’t find loving forever home are trained 
to become therapists in our Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) program. 

Our certified AAT program provides help for those in greatest need in our community:
 at-risk children, the developmentally disabled, seniors, homeless, the mentally ill, veterans, and those re-entering society.

Our Story

In 2005 Scatter Joy Acres (SJA) was founded by Joy Bartling in 2005 near Fort Calhoun, Nebraska to provide a new home, new life, and new meaning by rescuing abused or neglected animals.


Bartling's first loves were the animals who became her closest childhood friends and confidants when she felt she had no one else to turn to during a painful part of her journey to adulthood. Understanding that there are often deep pains in lifand the many times that human beings were not able to touch them, she realized she was not alone in that aspect.


At the ranch, the animals serve as an integral part of the on-

going mission of providing therapeutic interaction for developmentally

disabled and autistic children, seniors, veterans, and at-risk children.


Many of us, like Joy, have found comfort, solace, peace and even joy in thcompany of animals.  Joy embraced her passionate gift in lifwhicalso would be a significant way to "give back" to the community.

Thus, "Scatter Joy Acres" was created to scatter God's joy across all of his acres.


On the ranch, each animal has a name, a story and a significance, which is demonstrated in warmth and love they share with every person they encounter.


The interactions animals share as they meet with people are simply amazing.


In 2013, SJA relocated to a sprawling, lush, 26-acre site within Omaha at 49th & Newport. Here it provides a surprisingly quiet inner-city sanctuary for both humans and animals.


In addition to the therapy and rescue, the ranch is available for birthday parties, corporate outings and other events. There is an ample parking, picnic areas, a playground, hayrack rides, bonfires, and plenty of room for fun and games.



Our ranch on Omaha?s north side serves as headquarters for the ever-expanding Scatter Joy Acres organization. The ranch is presently home to more than 100 animals like alpacas, sheep, rabbits, goats, horses, cows, a camel, a variety of fowl, pigs, and peacocks.   SJA provides animal therapy for the developmentally disabled, seniors and veterans both at the ranch at on-site at many other facilities in and around the metro Omaha area.


Additionally, SJA is one of the region?s only authorized education sites for the widely acclaimed ?Cowboy Ethics? curriculum, teaching young people to be responsible adults using the ?Code of the West?.


Scatter Joy Acres provides an experience unlike any other for those it serves.  Animal rescue and therapy, an urban ranch, real life - hands on STEM education, and animal interaction makes   Scatter Joy Acres an incredible organization and place to visit.