"A Place of Rescue" and "A Journey to Peace."

Scatter Joy Acres

Scatter Joy Acres  is a 26-acre urban Rescue/Animal Therapy ranch in Omaha, NE. 
 We take in abused, neglected and abandoned animals. Those we that don’t find loving forever home are trained 
to become therapists in our Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) program. 

Our certified AAT program provides help for those in greatest need in our community:
 at-risk children, the developmentally disabled, seniors, homeless, the mentally ill, veterans, and those re-entering society.

Here is a short list of some items that we are in need of.  All donations are 100% tax deductible.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  And thanks for your support.

  • ****URGENT NEED*****    Brome Grass Hay Square Bales.
  • ****URGENT NEED*****    skid loader

    • 4 wheeler
    •  small Horse Trailer
    • 16 ft or longer bumper pull trailer to haul hay
    • Cattle Panel fencing
    • Chain Saw
    • Gas
    • Gift cards for Tractor Supply, Washco Feed, Menard’s etc for supplies
    • T-Posts
    • 4 ft dog kennel fencing
    • Round wood fence posts
    • Long heavy duty wood screws 3″
    • Long heavy duty nails 3″
    • 2×4′s
    • 4×4′s
    • 2×10′s
    • One ton pickup
    • Lead ropes
    • Curry combs
    • Brushes
    • Hand tools, such as hammer, screwdriver, drills, wrenches, etc.
    • Broom dust pans
    • Trash bags for 55 gallon cans
    • Generator
    • Air compressor
    • Portable Awning or Pop-up tent
    • Portable livestock sheds