" A Place for Rescue
A Journey to Peace"

Welcome to Scatter Joy Acres in Omaha Nebraska!

Rescues,feeds,and cares for
neglected, hungry, and
 abandoned animals
 to create
healthy relationships 
in our communities.

Welcome to Scatter Joy Acres

The Mission Statement of Scatter Joy Acres is assisting men, women, children, and animals by providing 

"A Place of Rescue" and "A Journey to Peace."

The donating starts now!  Omaha Gives! is a one-day online fundraising event organized by the Omaha Community Foundation and held on May 24 to raise support for nonprofits in Douglas, Sarpy, and Pottawattamie Counties. It is a community-wide event to show off the area’s spirit of giving, raise awareness about local nonprofits, and celebrate the collective effort it takes to make this city great. Since 2013, this community give-together has raised over $27 million for 789 nonprofits! 

Your Support will help Scatter Joy Acres continue to help many in our community through our animal assisted therapy program.  

Summer Camp Signup

Come to SJA and lean about how to care for animals, nature and yourself.  We have a one week camp that will take your through Cowboy Ethics a program built on Attitude, Integrity Attitude and Grit.  Camp Application. Only room for 15 kids per session.  

In the fall of 2006 Soby Ranch Ministry(SRM) was founded by Joy Bartling.  The vision was that the Ranch would be "A Place of Rescue and A Journey to Peace."  SRM became a non-profit in 2009.  Joy Served as Executive Diector at SRM from 2006 through the summer of 2014.

In the summer of 2014, Soby Ranch Ministry transitioned to "Scatter Joy Acres" Joy Moved to a new location with 27 acres and lots of room for animals and farm/ranch activities.  
The vision remains the same. 

 Animal Assisted Therapy
 Community Outreach
Recreational Outings and Camps 
 Group Projects Available
Volunteer Training
Corporate Events

They welcome people of all ages, from all walks of life.  They invite you to "Think Outside The Fence" with them as their animals, ranch, and involvement in community make a difference one person at a time. 

Scatter Joy Acres Offers:

  • an opportunity for retreat and reflection for individuals, families and small groups.
  • a place for planning, building and teamwork. Our natural setting allows groups to focus on goals and objectives without distractions.
  • Individuals and groups a place to remove themselves from their everyday world to reflect and focus on community building, job skills, and reaffirmation of relationships.
  • activities that build improved skills in leadership, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.
  • experiential learning activities involving animals and people.


Scatter Joy Acres operates year-around. Whatever the season Scatter Joy Acres is a beautiful place to be.

Contact Information:

Scatter Joy Acres is located at:

4966 Newport Avenue

Omaha, Ne  68152


For additional information, contact us at:    info@scatterjoyacres.org

"We believe that the Bible is a complete and effective tool for counseling. We want to live our lives being pleasing to our Heavenly Father and feel that Soby Ranch Ministry is to be used to help others find their way back to a Christ-centered, peaceful life in God's perfect will."